Thursday, February 12, 2009

Effects of Sugar!

Hello Everyone!

Let me start with reason for my silence cause this blog relates to it directly.

I am working to produce an exercise video from past few months. Any new product requires lots of planning and team effort. Now that being said since this is going to be a fitness DVD so I had to look my 110% and for that I have been working really hard from past few months. I always eat good and exercise but when you are going for 110% instead of 100% you need to go an extra mile. I start digging on what will take me that extra mile and start experimenting with Sodium, Sugar, Carbs & Protein.

I was shooting my commercial for Zee TV and Sony TV on Monday Feb 2nd 09'. So I was eating really well and cutting any extra calories. I recorded every morning how I was looking and I had it in video clips how my body changed day by day. I cut my sugar intake drastically and my body responded right in front of my eyes. Day by day inch by inch I saw a huge difference in my definition.

My point here is that when we eat things we don't pay attention on small things like sodium and sugar. We only go for big numbers like calories, carbs, protein & fat but smaller numbers like sugar & sodium are equally important.

I will post pictures to give you the evidence & and will point out how and where my body responded in few days.

My shoot! went great and you all will see the commercials airing on Zee & Sony TV soon!

Thank You all I will try to be more regular with my posts....

Now go out there and workout some!

Thank you


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