Thursday, March 11, 2010

4 Fitness Habits You Never Knew Were Bad!

4 Fitness Habits You Never Knew Were Bad!

People say that you learn from your mistakes. I say how can you if you keep repeating them. Below are top 4 fitness habits you never knew were bad for you.

1. Not eating breakfast:

Guys by the time you wake up, at least 8 hrs has been past since you had your last meal - on top you are dehydrated as well. Your body is still functioning and burning calories. You are basically running a car without engine oil and risk damaging the engine any time! Your muscles are engine and by not eating breakfast you are basically burning up your own muscles which we work so hard to store and make. BREAKFAST is by far the most important meal of the day! Never skip your breakfast if you are rushed and have no time to make a healthy bowl of oatmeal then grab some yogurt or an apple or some dry fruits!

If you’re not a breakfast person, become one. Start small and prepare oatmeal, eggs in advance (get up 10 min. early..literally that's all it takes)

2. Not drinking water during workouts:

Our muscles need constant hydration during intense physical exercise to maintain mobility and flexibility. Without proper hydration during exercise, your muscles will contract and could cause cramps. Proper hydration also promotes blood circulation, which regulates the rate at which your heart must pump blood — critical during exercise. And, perspiration is primarily water. I keep a water bottle with me and try to finish it at the end of the workout sipping after every other set!

3. I can eat that big meal cause I just finished my workout:

If you don’t know what to eat after working out, plan your meal before working out. Please and say please again don't waste all that hard work over some crappy, non-nutritious meal! I pick one meal (usually Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon) where I go and eat anything I want, rest of the week I am very strict with my food.

4. Holding on while on the treadmill:

You are not on a space ship or on top of a mountain that you are holding on for your life. Let go. Really. Let go. Free yourself from your fears, whatever they may be. Holding on while on the treadmill can decrease the effect of a workout by as much as 200%. Now imagine doing same number of miles and same time but getting more out of it. Now that's called working smart!

That's all for this time and please make a change if you have any of the above habits and reply me to tell me that you did :)

Keep Working,