Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 .....How to get rid of those Holiday LBS....

So here we are 1-1-11 all the 1's and yes the weight scale has also climbed up 1 by 1....simple math 1+1 = 2 and you know that you had too many Christmas sweets this past holiday season and you step on the scale to see that Santa also gave you a few extra pounds for Christmas. Now WhAt???

As a famous movie dialog says...Be Positive!

Here is what you need to do in order to get back on track and actually get in a healthier and better body in 2011!

1. Get rid of all the left overs (candy's, sweets, pre-packaged/processed snacks etc etc):

You need realize that once its out of site its out of mind....I went to party this holiday season and I saw a SAMOSA and boom all of a sudden I had the urge of eating that samosa and trust me I don't even remember when was the last time I thought about eating a samosa!

So you see get those unhealthy, tasty looking snack out of your house cause they are nothing but a layer between you and your TONED body!

2. Start drinking that CLEAR liquid:

You are what you eat and you look what you drink!

Drink lassi everyday and sure in a very short period of time you will start looking like thick lassi or a mango shake and same if you drink water soon you will start looking clear and thin like water....I drink almost 1.5 gallons a day (some would say that's too much but don't forget I live a very active lifestyle). So get rid of that soda can, that lattes and stick to plain old water cause there is nothing like water in this world.....damn just writing this made me thirsty!!!

3. Move, mOvE, MoVe:

You know what I mean when I say move...exercise guys...Start a short-term relationship with a personal trainer!

A full-time trainer may not be in everyone’s budget, but don’t let that stop you from seeking professional advice. “Even if you only do two or three sessions, it can kick-start critical lifestyle changes. Plus you get a program that’s tailored to you,” I get lot of people those who come to me or email me for a workout program and if they are motivated enough they get great results...look at Aminder he is Toronto and emailed me about my advice and I helped him in last 2 months and look what he has achieved. Lost almost 30 lbs.

Aminder followed my online program (phone/email) on his own and lost almost 20lbs in 2-3 months. True dedication is all you need to order to change your body!

4. Eat more!

YES..I am telling you to eat more at least 5-6 times a day...but what should you eat?

Here is what you need to include in your every day's diet in order to get a chiseled you!

1. Oatmeal
2. Eggs
3. Chicken/Fish/Steak/Lentils/Soy
4. Broccoli
5. Almonds
6. Walnuts
7. Salad
8. Sweet Potato/Brown rice/whole wheat pasta

Now you know what you need to do in order start burning those SANTA lbs.....

GOOD LUCK and keep me posted...




Thursday, March 11, 2010

4 Fitness Habits You Never Knew Were Bad!

4 Fitness Habits You Never Knew Were Bad!

People say that you learn from your mistakes. I say how can you if you keep repeating them. Below are top 4 fitness habits you never knew were bad for you.

1. Not eating breakfast:

Guys by the time you wake up, at least 8 hrs has been past since you had your last meal - on top you are dehydrated as well. Your body is still functioning and burning calories. You are basically running a car without engine oil and risk damaging the engine any time! Your muscles are engine and by not eating breakfast you are basically burning up your own muscles which we work so hard to store and make. BREAKFAST is by far the most important meal of the day! Never skip your breakfast if you are rushed and have no time to make a healthy bowl of oatmeal then grab some yogurt or an apple or some dry fruits!

If you’re not a breakfast person, become one. Start small and prepare oatmeal, eggs in advance (get up 10 min. early..literally that's all it takes)

2. Not drinking water during workouts:

Our muscles need constant hydration during intense physical exercise to maintain mobility and flexibility. Without proper hydration during exercise, your muscles will contract and could cause cramps. Proper hydration also promotes blood circulation, which regulates the rate at which your heart must pump blood — critical during exercise. And, perspiration is primarily water. I keep a water bottle with me and try to finish it at the end of the workout sipping after every other set!

3. I can eat that big meal cause I just finished my workout:

If you don’t know what to eat after working out, plan your meal before working out. Please and say please again don't waste all that hard work over some crappy, non-nutritious meal! I pick one meal (usually Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon) where I go and eat anything I want, rest of the week I am very strict with my food.

4. Holding on while on the treadmill:

You are not on a space ship or on top of a mountain that you are holding on for your life. Let go. Really. Let go. Free yourself from your fears, whatever they may be. Holding on while on the treadmill can decrease the effect of a workout by as much as 200%. Now imagine doing same number of miles and same time but getting more out of it. Now that's called working smart!

That's all for this time and please make a change if you have any of the above habits and reply me to tell me that you did :)

Keep Working,


Sunday, February 21, 2010

No way! This can't be junk food!

Thank you all for so many motivating emails.... Your emails really inspire me to come up with more interesting topic that are not only fun to write but are actually beneficial in our day to day life!

Please forward this group to everyone you know that can benefit from this....

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No way! This can't be junk food!

Smart marketing deployed by some “healthy” food product companies have led unsuspecting consumers to fall for their deceitful claims. We all try to eat healthy and make sure that our body gets the best but in this race we sometimes get fooled. I would like to take this opportunity to show you top 6 items that are taken as healthy but in reality they are real junk foods!

1. Energy Bars:
Not only they are high in sugar and carbohydrates but they contain really bad carbohydrates. Most of the energy bars contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated palm oil, so even though the fat content of these bars is within reasonable limits, the percentage of saturated fat in the bar can be quite high (more than 50% of the fat in some bars). Energy bars don’t contain the phytochemicals, bioflavonoids, natural fiber and balance of vitamins and minerals found in natural fruits and vegetables.

2. California Roll:
Eating fish is good but eating a California roll is not good. It is very high in sodium, contains fake crab meat and empty calories. There is nothing good in this food.

3. Fruit Juice:
I would rather eat a spoonful of sugar than eat this so called healthy juice. Not only they are high in calories but they also contain artificial chemicals that we can't even pronounce. Most of the fruit juices are from concentrates and not freshly squeezed.

4. Frozen Yogurt:
The flavors like strawberries, blueberries are generally fake flavors. Frozen yogurts are made with artificial sweeteners. One cannot add natural flavors into a pocket size container and sell it for 79 cents. I would recommend fat free plain yogurt over frozen flavored yogurts.

5. Protein Shake:
Muscle building shakes are supposed to increase your biceps and not your waist-line and these pre-prepared shakes precisely do the latter. Stick to natural food and protein powders rather than these pre-prepared shakes.

6. Salads:
Restaurant salads with fancy names like chipotle barbeque mesquite chicken salad contain close to 1000 calories and the worst part is we eat them as appetizers. The real culprits in these salads are the dressings. Stay away from these super salads and stick to cucumbers, tomatoes, celery & lettuce.

So above are some of the foods that we eat thinking they are healthier but actually they are deceptive because of all empty calories and high amount of sodium, fats and simple carbs...

In my daily food I personally don't consume even a single item from the list. I simply follow one rule what GOD has made is good for you (Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Milk etc) and what is made by MAN is generally bad for your (Chips, Ice creme, Pizza, Candy etc....) So my friends try to pick correct choices.

Now go out there and live a FIT DAY! trust me it feels so good after working out, eating right and sleeping tight :)




Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to eat in your 20's 30's & 40's?

How to eat in your 20's 30's & 40's?

As we age, our bodies need different veggies, vitamins and minerals to ward off nasty infections and keep us up on two feet well into retirement. There are some decade specific foods that could help us all through those treacherous 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

20s - The fun Age.....

In your twenties, most tend to eat what they can afford and drink what they enjoy. Grabbing something convenient might lack in essential vitamins and minerals, creating a diet full of sugar and fat (and yes, fun). The result is a body that can’t live up to its full happy body potential. Your 20’s are the last chance to lay down new bone. Bone up on calcium and vitamin D. This is the last decade in which you can build bone mass without bone loss, a process that begins in your 30s. Drink two eight ounce glasses of vitamin D fortified milk every day. The calcium and vitamin D combination will help your body to better absorb all the benefits of milk calcium. Broccoli is also a great way to get your calcium at dinner, and also happens to be rich in magnesium, vitamin K and phosphorous. Between the stresses of your three jobs and hand fun of dates, you might find yourself reaching for a Red Bull to boost your mood and lift your tired spirits. Unfortunately that Red Bull won’t do anything for your long term energy and outlook. Try a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are full of fatty acids that improve the operation of the cerebral cortex, the area of the brain that’s in charge of pleasure signals. Sprinkle flax seeds on your instant oatmeal or bake them into delicious morning muffins. Research shows that eating 500 to 1,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids daily can lessen the damage to your heart and body caused via stress and long work hrs and will make u feel happy and good. Eat at least 25-30 gms of fiber each day and it will help you feel full.

30s - The busy life....

Your thirties can be a chaotic time. Often this decade is filled with the dueling demands of work and family, with the result that it's tough to make time for good nutrition. For women in their childbearing years, folate (or folic acid) is extremely important. A lack of folate in the diet can cause neural-tube defects in babies, as well as raise your risk of heart disease. Great sources of folate include leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli and asparagus. Fruits such as avocado have it and so do fortified orange juice, chickpeas, and many breakfast cereals. Iron intake also is important at this age. Deprive yourself from iron and you will suffer from fatigue and mental slowdowns. You should get 18 milligrams a day from foods such as lean beef, beans and seeds, and skinless chicken and turkey. Antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E, found in foods such as sweet potatoes, red peppers, and almonds, may slow the effects of aging and help ward off heart disease and cancer. They reduce inflammation and repair damage to cells. Target your calorie intake at 300-350 per meal and 150 for snacks. Filling up on fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains may reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

40s - Damn that was quick.....

Chances are that you sail through your 20s and 30s with a flat stomach without worrying too much but not so in the 40s. The reason is declining estrogen levels. During menopause for women, the estrogen receptors are no longer activated which results in storage of fats in your stomach instead of hips or thighs. Since bone-building estrogen levels are down, you absorb less of the calcium ingested because of the changes in your stomach acids. Go for 1,000 milligrams a day by eating yogurt, low-fat cheeses, skim milk, or fortified orange juice. Protein fuels muscle growth and also keeps you full between meals because of which you will eat less. One should aim for 60-80 gms a day from a mix of lean meats, beans, peanut butter and dairy. Restrict intake of saturated fat with no more than 14 gms a day. In your 40s and beyond, you burn about 100 fewer calories a day. To help keep the weight off, eat plenty of low energy-dense foods, like salads, vegetables, broth-based soups, and nonfat yogurt.

Finally, fiber is very important for your gastrointestinal system. It keeps bloating to a minimum and helps you stay satisfied longer after eating. It also knocks down your cholesterol level and decreases your risk of colon cancer. Your best bet would be a mix of fruits, veggies, oats, whole-grain breads.

Our body changes with time and so does its needs. Foods we can get away with in our 20s won’t be so forgiving in our 40s. It is very important to know how our body functions and what is best for our body to be fit and healthy. Please remember: Work hard and Eat right!

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So if you are in 20's, 30's or 40's don't forget to eat smart and KEEP WORKING.....

Thank You All :)

- Achal

Sunday, April 5, 2009


If you do a google on goals this is what you will get:

"Goals originate within a person's mind and are stored primarily in the subconscious. The "stored" thoughts are put into action by the conscious. For example, when a person continually tells themselves they will never accomplish anything this message is stored in the subconscious section of their mind. (here is a description of the unconscious if you are not familiar with it: Once these "messages" are stored in the subconscious mind they are put into action by the conscious mind. The consequence of this mindset is the person unconsciously acts to fulfill the thought of accomplishing nothing."

These were just words until I realize one day that I need to change myself and that day onwards I started to put my subconscious thoughts into my conscious thoughts.

Setting up goal is as important as setting up time and day to take a flight. If you miss it you will miss the flight! Goal setting could be as simple as that.

In 2007 I decided to change the way I look and started to think about it 24X7. I have always achieved everything that I had ever desired for! I feel lucky to have the motivation that gets me going when everyone around me points in other direction.

I started my journey in Dec. of 2007. Early morning cardio in my garage, eating the same food every day, looking away from the food that I know will get me in trouble and working out at odd time resulted in not only achieving my goal but also gave me the motivation to dream beyond norm. In 2008 Oct I had my photo shoot and I looked like a new person! Every meal that I missed, every party that I sat and looked around for something healthy to eat and every B'Day parties that I sneaked out of... was all paid off. My health, my look and my motivation all pushed me to think beyond norm and I started to work on sharing that knowledge to anyone who is on the lookout!

Its true that if you want something bad enough..all you have to do is decide that you really want it and everything around you will change to bring you closer to your goal.

Set-up a goal and be positive. Don't loose hope in few days cause you are not seeing the result that you expected. Everything has a time and place and things will happen if you are honest and trying hard.

Below is my picture in Nov. 2007 and then in Oct. 2008. Take a look and decide which one you would rather be!

No matter what your goal it loosing weight, buying a house, or starting a matter what...the first thing we need to do is to set up a goal and have the desire to work on that goal....

My next goal is make Bollywood Bootcamp a huge success and I am tirelessly working in doing just that!

Make sure you pass along this blog to anyone who needs a little motivation...we all have our own ways of getting motivated....

Take Care and remember....

First Deserve - Then Desire!

- Achal

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

5 Most effective ways to train yourself without any equipment!

Q1. I Don’t have much time to workout?
Q2. I Want to develop real strength?

Do you see yourself asking these questions...if so >

Then please keep reading because in this blog I will outline the 5 Most effective ways to train yourself without any equipment! that will not only help you get stronger but also burn a lot of calories YES a lot of it!

Compound exercises are simply exercises that target more than one muscle group. For
clarity, exercises that target a single muscle group are called isolation exercises.

1. Squats :
The king of all exercises

Squats not only works your lower body but they also make your HR go up so you get the benefit of weight training & Cardio at the same time.

CORRECT FORM: Make sure that when you squat your knees should never go beyond your toes. (you should be able to see your big toe over looking your knee!)

2. Push-ups: Back to basics

This exercise can be done on a chair, steps, floor while on your knees or standing up against the wall. This could be included in the workout of beginners or really advanced. I have been training for over 10 yrs now and do them every single time when I train myself. You can get a good cardio just by doing these.

CORRECT FORM: Make sure that your hands are directly below your shoulders. Aim at touching your chest to the floor keeping your body straight.

3. Lunges:

A great leg toner that will also build explosive strength in the heart and lungs.

CORRECT FORM: Keeping your back straight lung forward with one leg paying close attention to the leg that is behind you & taking your knee almost to the floor. Make sure that you don't touch the floor with you knee.

4. Jump Rope: Old is gold!

If you have a jump rope or just pretending to be holding one, this workout works like a charm. It gets your HR your legs and makes you sweat. Anywhere & anytime is the beauty of this workout.

CORRECT FORM: Make sure to land softly when you are actually jumping the rope. Come down on your toes and jump back up. Either count to a certain number or time yourself.

5. Step-ups: What goes up - comes down!

If you have steps in your house then this is a killer and you don't have any excuse. Go up and down the steps 5-10 times in a 3 set format non-stop for a total body workout.

CORRECT FORM: Hold while coming down and to add a little variation try to cover 2 steps at a time.

If you follow the above described exercise routine everyday (5-6 days a week) in a 3 set format one after the other, I guarantee that you will loose weight and will feel the difference in your energy right away!

Eat right and exercise is the only Mantra for a fit body and a fit mind!

Thank you


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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Effects of Sugar!

Hello Everyone!

Let me start with reason for my silence cause this blog relates to it directly.

I am working to produce an exercise video from past few months. Any new product requires lots of planning and team effort. Now that being said since this is going to be a fitness DVD so I had to look my 110% and for that I have been working really hard from past few months. I always eat good and exercise but when you are going for 110% instead of 100% you need to go an extra mile. I start digging on what will take me that extra mile and start experimenting with Sodium, Sugar, Carbs & Protein.

I was shooting my commercial for Zee TV and Sony TV on Monday Feb 2nd 09'. So I was eating really well and cutting any extra calories. I recorded every morning how I was looking and I had it in video clips how my body changed day by day. I cut my sugar intake drastically and my body responded right in front of my eyes. Day by day inch by inch I saw a huge difference in my definition.

My point here is that when we eat things we don't pay attention on small things like sodium and sugar. We only go for big numbers like calories, carbs, protein & fat but smaller numbers like sugar & sodium are equally important.

I will post pictures to give you the evidence & and will point out how and where my body responded in few days.

My shoot! went great and you all will see the commercials airing on Zee & Sony TV soon!

Thank You all I will try to be more regular with my posts....

Now go out there and workout some!

Thank you


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