Sunday, February 21, 2010

No way! This can't be junk food!

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No way! This can't be junk food!

Smart marketing deployed by some “healthy” food product companies have led unsuspecting consumers to fall for their deceitful claims. We all try to eat healthy and make sure that our body gets the best but in this race we sometimes get fooled. I would like to take this opportunity to show you top 6 items that are taken as healthy but in reality they are real junk foods!

1. Energy Bars:
Not only they are high in sugar and carbohydrates but they contain really bad carbohydrates. Most of the energy bars contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated palm oil, so even though the fat content of these bars is within reasonable limits, the percentage of saturated fat in the bar can be quite high (more than 50% of the fat in some bars). Energy bars don’t contain the phytochemicals, bioflavonoids, natural fiber and balance of vitamins and minerals found in natural fruits and vegetables.

2. California Roll:
Eating fish is good but eating a California roll is not good. It is very high in sodium, contains fake crab meat and empty calories. There is nothing good in this food.

3. Fruit Juice:
I would rather eat a spoonful of sugar than eat this so called healthy juice. Not only they are high in calories but they also contain artificial chemicals that we can't even pronounce. Most of the fruit juices are from concentrates and not freshly squeezed.

4. Frozen Yogurt:
The flavors like strawberries, blueberries are generally fake flavors. Frozen yogurts are made with artificial sweeteners. One cannot add natural flavors into a pocket size container and sell it for 79 cents. I would recommend fat free plain yogurt over frozen flavored yogurts.

5. Protein Shake:
Muscle building shakes are supposed to increase your biceps and not your waist-line and these pre-prepared shakes precisely do the latter. Stick to natural food and protein powders rather than these pre-prepared shakes.

6. Salads:
Restaurant salads with fancy names like chipotle barbeque mesquite chicken salad contain close to 1000 calories and the worst part is we eat them as appetizers. The real culprits in these salads are the dressings. Stay away from these super salads and stick to cucumbers, tomatoes, celery & lettuce.

So above are some of the foods that we eat thinking they are healthier but actually they are deceptive because of all empty calories and high amount of sodium, fats and simple carbs...

In my daily food I personally don't consume even a single item from the list. I simply follow one rule what GOD has made is good for you (Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Milk etc) and what is made by MAN is generally bad for your (Chips, Ice creme, Pizza, Candy etc....) So my friends try to pick correct choices.

Now go out there and live a FIT DAY! trust me it feels so good after working out, eating right and sleeping tight :)