Thursday, April 2, 2009

5 Most effective ways to train yourself without any equipment!

Q1. I Don’t have much time to workout?
Q2. I Want to develop real strength?

Do you see yourself asking these questions...if so >

Then please keep reading because in this blog I will outline the 5 Most effective ways to train yourself without any equipment! that will not only help you get stronger but also burn a lot of calories YES a lot of it!

Compound exercises are simply exercises that target more than one muscle group. For
clarity, exercises that target a single muscle group are called isolation exercises.

1. Squats :
The king of all exercises

Squats not only works your lower body but they also make your HR go up so you get the benefit of weight training & Cardio at the same time.

CORRECT FORM: Make sure that when you squat your knees should never go beyond your toes. (you should be able to see your big toe over looking your knee!)

2. Push-ups: Back to basics

This exercise can be done on a chair, steps, floor while on your knees or standing up against the wall. This could be included in the workout of beginners or really advanced. I have been training for over 10 yrs now and do them every single time when I train myself. You can get a good cardio just by doing these.

CORRECT FORM: Make sure that your hands are directly below your shoulders. Aim at touching your chest to the floor keeping your body straight.

3. Lunges:

A great leg toner that will also build explosive strength in the heart and lungs.

CORRECT FORM: Keeping your back straight lung forward with one leg paying close attention to the leg that is behind you & taking your knee almost to the floor. Make sure that you don't touch the floor with you knee.

4. Jump Rope: Old is gold!

If you have a jump rope or just pretending to be holding one, this workout works like a charm. It gets your HR your legs and makes you sweat. Anywhere & anytime is the beauty of this workout.

CORRECT FORM: Make sure to land softly when you are actually jumping the rope. Come down on your toes and jump back up. Either count to a certain number or time yourself.

5. Step-ups: What goes up - comes down!

If you have steps in your house then this is a killer and you don't have any excuse. Go up and down the steps 5-10 times in a 3 set format non-stop for a total body workout.

CORRECT FORM: Hold while coming down and to add a little variation try to cover 2 steps at a time.

If you follow the above described exercise routine everyday (5-6 days a week) in a 3 set format one after the other, I guarantee that you will loose weight and will feel the difference in your energy right away!

Eat right and exercise is the only Mantra for a fit body and a fit mind!

Thank you


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Kiran Sawhney said...

Training without equipment is very effective sometimes. One actually does not need fancy and expensive gadgets to get good workout. Working against one's own body resistance as in push ups, squats, lunges, Tricep dips, ab crunches, reverse curls is very effective. Running, Yoga and Pilates can be done without any equipment.

Achal "FIT GURU" said...

> Thank you Kiran...

That's very true....I sometimes train myself with nothing but the most expensive gym in the world and that is my own body....