Sunday, November 16, 2008

Breakfast..why is it so important!

We all know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast and it should be cause you are actually breaking the FAST from last night...but I had no idea what one should be eating for breakfast before I started into my fitness profession... and now......... MAN I can't go without breakfast for 2 hrs...this is the meal that I enjoy the most ..seriously.... I look forward for my breakfast every day...

I will try to explain you the concept of breakfast in its most simple way.


1. No Time
2. Not Hungry
3. Might gain weight
4. I don't like breakfast food
5. I am not a breakfast person


1. Start one step at a time (start small)
2. Eat a fruit for breakfast (cause they are easy and less time consuming)
3. Choose whole grain cereal (will last longer and give you more energy)
4. Choose high fiber cereal (high fiber make you feel full and helps you loose weight--at least 4 gms or more per serving)
5. Choose low sugar (less than 4 gms of sugar) cereal...
6. Plan ahead (give 10 extra minutes to your day)

Breakfast gives a kick start to your metabolism at the early morning so you burn more calories through out the day.....

This is why I like my breakfast as the most appealing meal of the day....

It takes me 10 min. to cook everything and be out of the house....

1. Oatmeal (Old Fashioned) w/Almonds,Walnuts,Raisins and Skim Milk in microwave for 2 minutes
2. 5-6 Egg white omelet (I use the carton for egg whites) with some Egg beaters mixed with it
3. Bottle of water W/1 Lemon

This is it folks most interesting meal of the me I enjoy every bit of it and I am eating the same exact thing from last 5 years....I eat the breakfast in 3 parts cause I get up at 4 am every morning so my days are very long....

Some of the cereals in the market are nothing put a piece of S**T. They add so much sugar that you are better of eating a candy in its place.

I know from my personal experience that breakfast really makes a difference when it comes to controlling some health father's diabetes is under control without any medication since he added oats in his breakfast...he eats his oatmeal same way as I do and he has seen a big improvement in his health....diabetes,high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease are few disease that can be avoided or can controlled by adding breakfast to your diet...but remember one thing "BE CONSISTENCE"

I bet you if you try eating small breakfast you will loose weight the right way and that is by speeding your there you go yet another reason to grab that banana before you leave the house..



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Kiran Sawhney said...

yes. it has always been said that- eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a normal person and dinner like a pauper. Breakfast does give a kick start to your metabolism and and early light dinner is the key to loose weight.

Achal "FIT GURU" said...

so true...dinner is the key and breakfast is the engine! to keep it going!