Saturday, December 6, 2008

Burning calories after the workout?

We all know that by training we burn more calories and that's why we see the weight loss. But do you know we burn more calories even after we train for a long period of time.

So what works best..weight training or cardio?

I will say both but there is a difference and that is how you do both....for many years researchers have theorized that the boost in metabolism comes from the body's effort to process the lactic acid produced during exercise and to replenish depleted levels of creatine phosphate. Scientist discovered that when it comes to cardio, long and slow wins the race: Duration, not intensity or mode, is the biggest factor contributing to that after-exercise metabolic rise. This is cardio and now you will ask what about weight training...

Here it is>> The same study found that the opposite is true. The more intensely you lift--which equates to heavy weights, the higher your post-workout metabolic rate.

So to go in a more easy language try to go to gym and lift intensely (safely) and after go for a long cardio session and mix it with running and walking....then afterwards enjoy the calorie burning effect for hours....



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Study Source: Norwegian University of Sport and Physical Education


Kiran Sawhney said...

"Increasing your metabolism" is a nice topic. You have explained it well in detail.

Achal "FIT GURU" said...

@ Kiran >> Thank you Kiran