Monday, December 15, 2008

FAT cells--are they permanent?

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So back to our topic. The fat cells that every individual have..are they permanent or can we get rid of help understand this concept better I will give you a example of water balloon. Fill a balloon with water and it will weigh more and will look take the water out and there you have a weight less and leaner balloon...this is how fat cells works. They always exists in our body even when we loose all the weight they just sit quietly in the corner waiting for fat to accumulate so they can blow up again.

Ever heard of a saying.... "Its so easy to gain weight" that's where it came from...its easy cause this ugly tissue just waiting for you to put some bad things in it and it will blow up again making you feel miserable.

Don't feel bad and discouraged! I always say that loosing weight and getting in shape is a lifestyle shift and not a month or two deal. So all of you out there thinking that I will loose this extra 10 lbs and I will be fine...remember write down every bit of your diet or workout or you lifestyle in a dairy cause One time or other you will look back in it to see what the hell you were doing that you were feeling that good or that bad.

I came across a diary from 2002 where I wrote down 1 day of my o man...I was living on carbs and then I use to think at that time why don't I see a six pack like Salman

Look at the picture..the first one is full blown cell with fat and last one has no here you are a fat person and a skinny person but cell remains in our body!

Now go out there and workout some!

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