Sunday, April 5, 2009


If you do a google on goals this is what you will get:

"Goals originate within a person's mind and are stored primarily in the subconscious. The "stored" thoughts are put into action by the conscious. For example, when a person continually tells themselves they will never accomplish anything this message is stored in the subconscious section of their mind. (here is a description of the unconscious if you are not familiar with it: Once these "messages" are stored in the subconscious mind they are put into action by the conscious mind. The consequence of this mindset is the person unconsciously acts to fulfill the thought of accomplishing nothing."

These were just words until I realize one day that I need to change myself and that day onwards I started to put my subconscious thoughts into my conscious thoughts.

Setting up goal is as important as setting up time and day to take a flight. If you miss it you will miss the flight! Goal setting could be as simple as that.

In 2007 I decided to change the way I look and started to think about it 24X7. I have always achieved everything that I had ever desired for! I feel lucky to have the motivation that gets me going when everyone around me points in other direction.

I started my journey in Dec. of 2007. Early morning cardio in my garage, eating the same food every day, looking away from the food that I know will get me in trouble and working out at odd time resulted in not only achieving my goal but also gave me the motivation to dream beyond norm. In 2008 Oct I had my photo shoot and I looked like a new person! Every meal that I missed, every party that I sat and looked around for something healthy to eat and every B'Day parties that I sneaked out of... was all paid off. My health, my look and my motivation all pushed me to think beyond norm and I started to work on sharing that knowledge to anyone who is on the lookout!

Its true that if you want something bad enough..all you have to do is decide that you really want it and everything around you will change to bring you closer to your goal.

Set-up a goal and be positive. Don't loose hope in few days cause you are not seeing the result that you expected. Everything has a time and place and things will happen if you are honest and trying hard.

Below is my picture in Nov. 2007 and then in Oct. 2008. Take a look and decide which one you would rather be!

No matter what your goal it loosing weight, buying a house, or starting a matter what...the first thing we need to do is to set up a goal and have the desire to work on that goal....

My next goal is make Bollywood Bootcamp a huge success and I am tirelessly working in doing just that!

Make sure you pass along this blog to anyone who needs a little motivation...we all have our own ways of getting motivated....

Take Care and remember....

First Deserve - Then Desire!

- Achal

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Ekta said...

Seeing your commitment and dedication certainly motivated many and especially me to at least start eating healthy and work out regularly. Thank You for that :)

Anonymous said...

Much helpful post and also valuable.

Karim - Positive thinking